Sunday, October 28, 2012

[finger]TIP OF THE DAY

Sally Hansen Tip:

It smudges, it takes the pattern with it!
It also leaves a rough texture compared to the smooth finish they are designed to have.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Since I am an "inactive" Jamberry nails consultant, I am having an inventory blow-out sale!! I am selling the half sheets I have for $5!!!!
This would be a great opportunity to try them. Everyone who has tried them has loved them far beyond what they thought they would. They stay on your toes for months and still look awesome! No chips, no dry time!
The first set you ever do will take some patience, just relax, put on a show and go to town! How long they last will be so worth how long they took to put on.
PLUS Jamberry constantly updates their stock with NEW styles!!.

My honest opinion: I absolutely love them on my toes, they last forever and ever, but my fingers grow fast. I don't have the patience to do them every 10 days on my fingers!

This is what I have in my stock as of right now:

I have a half sheets of:
Teal Sparkle
Gold Sparkle
Onyx Sparkle- my personal favorite
Red & Black check
Black & White Check
Cyan Blue
St. Patrick's plaid
Black/White Zebra
Green Plaid
Purple progressive stripe
White/Black damask
Black floral
$5 each half sheet!!

Message me if you are interested!
First come first serve! (while supplies last)
(801) 554. 8540.
As always, you can check them out @ Jamberry's website as well!

I love it when I find "Limited edition" Sally Hansen nails! I get so bored with the same styles they have, so I stock up whenever I see them!! I found these beauties at Walgreens this week! I have a snake, so I am in love with the scales!

Look how cute our matching scales are! I'm in love!

I also bought a couple boxes of the purple guitar "Limited edition". I just started taking lessons a few months ago, so I had to have them! Plus the purple color is SO rad!

I quit nail polish

Can I just tell you how much I hate nail polish!!? I painted my nails red sparkle and black for the Utes game on Saturday, and I think I managed to smudge every last one before they dried. How frustrating!!

So after two coats, and a top coat they looked pretty decent, but they were chipped within two days.
Those of you that still use nail polish, how do you do it??

There is some pretty stellar nail polish out there these days, I wish I had the patience to let them dry completely.

.... So unless I go to a salon, and have time to relax while they dry.
I officially quit nail polish!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Sally Hansen vs. Jamberry Nails

I have been using Sally Hansen nails for quite some time now, and I have just recently tried outJamberry nails.

Here are MY Pros and Cons on each:
Jamberry Nails:
Amazing selection.
Lasts at least a week.
Easy to remove (whole thing at once).
Sheilds protect nails.
Can re-use same sheet. (doesn't dry out)
Mix and match sets.
Better over all price. (one sheet does 2-3 SETS)
Time consuming to put on.
Have to use blowdryer. (not on the go)
Have to order online.

Sally Hansen:
Super easy application
Lasts all week/ minimal chips
Pick up at the store
Each set comes with file + cuticle stick.
Can do them "on the go".
Not a huge selection.
Hard to get off. (lots of nail polish remover)
Expensive! About 10$ a set- but cheaper then a mani I guess.
Once opened, they cannot be reused.

Monday, May 14, 2012


I love my stripes!!!! This is the same set, I just clipped and filed my toe nails, and they look even better then when I first put them on!
I painted one with black nail polish to compare how long it lasts!

The compliments never stop!!
Try them at home yourself, and see if you love them like me! :)